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Why I'm Running

With my background in political organizing and local campaigns, I want to bring new energy and structure into our precinct. If elected PCO, I will focus on creating an ongoing precinct committee--not just one that meets once every two years--and giving our neighborhood's progressives a place to learn, share resources, and help elect great candidates.

Permanent Precinct Committee

As your PCO, I will organize quarterly meetings and give Democrats in our precinct an easy way to get involved. These meetings could include guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, shared readings, volunteer trainings, and more.

Regular Updates on Local Politics

I know how hard it is to keep up with everything in national and state news, let alone local politics. As PCO, I will send out a semimonthly email/snail mail newsletter to keep you updated on our local party, campaign events, and community events. I will also ensure you are notified of official caucus proceedings and are prepared for caucus and convention events.

Annual Service Event

Local politics are important, but our community as a whole is even more so. If elected PCO, I will spearhead an annual event for our precinct committee with a neighborhood focus based on our committee's ideas. It would be neat to have our precinct committee host a block party or potluck, or help organize one of our neighborhood's longstanding events, such as the yard sale.

I want my son to grow up and be part of a neighborhood, not just live in one. I look forward to earning your support and working together for progressive causes in Manette.

Katherine Woods for PCO (D)
1128 Ironsides Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98310
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