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Our Precinct - Bremerton 040

Kitsap County is made up of more than 200 precincts. The neighborhood of Manette is divided into three precincts: Bremerton 040, Bremerton 041, and Bremerton 046. All precincts that begin with the word Bremerton are within the City of Bremerton limits, but there are many more precincts within greater Bremerton. Our precinct is in the heart of Manette, stretching from Wheaton Way to Trenton Avenue and Terrace Street to E 11th Street. (For maps for all precincts, visit Kitsap County's Election page.)

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are elected in each precinct (one Democrat and one Republican) to elect local party leaders, help fill vacancies in office, and organize precinct caucuses every two years. You might remember your PCO from the last presidential election if you attended the Democratic caucus. For information on what a PCO is, visit the Washington State Democrats' website.

Although these are the only defined duties of PCOs, they are also meant to be the backbone of local parties and help make an impact on local races. Other PCO duties can include political organizing, contacting voters on the doors or over the phone, voter registration, holding regular precinct committee meetings, providing feedback to the local and state parties, educating new voters on elections and local government, and helping form the platform and priorities for the local party.

PCO is an unpaid, voluntary position. If a PCO race is uncontested, candidates are automatically elected and do not appear on the ballot. If a PCO race is contested, candidates appear on the August Primary ballot. This year's Primary Election is Tuesday, August 7.

Katherine Woods for PCO (D)
1128 Ironsides Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98310
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